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Summer 2 - 2017 | 5133.61

Course objectives: The primary focus of this class is to provide a foundation of and appreciation for the major marketing principles.

During and after completion of the course, you will be able to analyze marketing problems, discuss strategic approaches that organizations take to achieve goals, and appreciate the role of the marketing manager. You will also be prepared to research and write the marketing section of your Capstone project.

Your textbook: MarketingStrategy, Ferrell|Hartline, 6th edition ISBN - 9781285073040
Feel free to obtain any one of the following (they all contain the same concepts and terms;
the later editions provide more recent examples, but cost more.

3rd edition: ISBN - 0324201400
4th edition: ISBN - 0324362722
5th edition: ISBN - 9780538467384

What we'll cover: Houston campus, Room 3314
We start promptly at 9 AM.

Lecture 1 - 6/10  Macro Marketing Environment
Content: Business concepts, uncontrollable variables, research, defining markets

Lecture 2 - 6/24 Segmentation and Micro Marketing Environment, Part 1
Content: Consumer behavior; product and place strategies

Lecture 3 - 7/8  |  Micro Marketing Environment, Part 2
Content: Pricing and promotional strategies

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Attendance policy

Your grade may be subject to a grade deduction for missing any part of any class lecture,
or late arrivals that disrupt class lectures -- at the discretion of the instructor.

Drop this class if upcoming events interfere with your ability to attend all scheduled class meetings,
including arriving late or leaving early.
Talk with your employer to re-arrange your travel schedule
or cover work shifts. Parents need to have back-up babysitters on stand-by.

Guests/visitors are welcome to attend class with you. Before class, send STeve an email
with the name of your guest. But please: no one under the age of 15 is permitted in the classroom.

How you'll earn your grade:

Assignment 1: Due at the beginning of Lecture 2 = 50 points
Assignment 2: Due at the beginning of Lecture 3 = 50 points
--------------------------------------------------------------------100 points

Note: You will receive a handout on assignment format at Lecture 1.
(Review/print out a copy here.
(No prior assigned readings before Lecture 1.)

Academic honesty: Although it is virtually impossible to cheat in this course, you should be aware of the guidelines for academic honesty as outlined in the TWU Student Guidebook. Dishonesty, including but not limited to cheating and plagiarism (copying the work of former students), is taken seriously and can be referred to the Dean of Students for disciplinary action.

Students with Disabilities: If you anticipate the need for reasonable accommodations to meet the requirements of this course, you must register with the office of Disability Support Services (CFO 106, 940-898-3835, dss@twu.edu) to obtain the required official notification of your accommodation needs. 

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